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The Top Business Videos You Can Create for Brand Expansion

Selecting the most compelling videos to promote your business can make the difference between boosting your company to new heights beyond measure and allowing it to fall into the infinite abyss.

In general, the best kinds of videos for your business are the same for every industry. However, the content will differ considerably from those of your competitors.

Here are some of the top corporate videos to produce and distribute to advance your brand:

Vlogging video: easy, inexpensive and effective

Making Vlogs for your business can be easy and inexpensive to create. All you have to do is get in front of that webcam or your phone camera and speak. Tell your company’s story or an anecdote about your personal career growth. The video’s content is more important than production value.

Use your Vlog to stay connected and give your customers and audience in-depth insight into your company’s story and the things that are of importance to you. 

Today many companies use this outlet to showcase their products, daily life at the office, and even to connect to co-workers. Social video can generate a wealth of more shares than text and photo content combined.

“How To” & “DIY” videos establish credibility

Create a “How To” video with step-by-step instructions about how to execute a specific undertaking big or small. 

This style of business video content helps companies build rapport, brand awareness, and credibility.

More than half of people use YouTube to help solve a problem. Want to learn how to cook pepper steak or pick a lock? YouTube most likely has the answer. You can presume that your customer base is looking for a solution. And you can equip them with the answer! 

Culture Video that promote the human element with videos on your company’s culture

A culture video can give viewers a glimpse into what makes your business click. Try giving a virtual tour of your workplace, featuring your staff, or even show a typical day-in-the-life of your company. This video could undoubtedly assist in making your business more human and relatable to your current and soon-to-be customers and clients. 

Experts Video aka interviewing interesting and accomplished individuals.

Are there people in your industry whom you admire and who have a lot of expertise to share? Ask them if they’d share their experiences on camera for your audience in a quick video interview.

To get you started, here are a couple of questions to ask interviewees:

  • What kind of work do you do and what do you like best about it?
  • What advice would you give a person getting into your line of work? 
  • What was your career trajectory?

Through interviews with knowledgeable industry leaders, your audience will soon associate your brand with the experience and wisdom conveyed to them by these experts. They can now rely on you to educate and inform them on topics significant to them.

To broaden your exposure after the video is complete, you can ask your interviewees to share the video with their social media audiences. 

Live Webinar – Interact with your audience

A webinar is a live event in which you educate your audience about a particular subject. This type of video content is helpful across all industries. Use it when you focus on a specific topic and open it up to explore from various angles.

The fact that a webinar is live with a set time that you choose conveys a more significant commitment than a pre-recorded video your audience watches at any time. Your audience is much more likely to pay closer attention and get more out of the experience. 

With a webinar, you can also offer excitement and benefits to attendees in a “live” back and forth with the audience. Viewers love the immediacy of asking questions and receiving their answers on the spot. 

You can broadcast and rebroadcast webinars on websites and apps, including Google Hangouts, Instagram, Zoom, Facebook Live and YouTube.

Product Review Videos: Offer wisdom and tips

One more business video you can create is to produce reliable product reviews of products that don’t compete with yours. Avoid making them into advertisements and instead express your interest in them and why, as well as tips your audience may not know about the product.

Shooting Business Videos in Miami

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