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6 Reasons to Add Custom Corporate Videos to Your Website

It’s no secret that video content engages audiences better than anything else. According to data, users spend more than twice as much time on a site with videos, and they’re over 80 percent likely to share a video with friends and family if it relates to their interests. So, as a business, corporate video production can yield incredible benefits. 

In fact, there are six primary reasons to add custom corporate videos to your website. Let’s break them down. 

Engage Your Audience

It’s easy to scroll past a photo or a block of text, but it’s much harder to do that with a video clip. Because humans are visually curious, moving images capture our attention far better than anything else. While auto-playing your videos can be a bad move for sound reasons, users are still likelier to click on a clip than a link or a picture. 

Increase Brand Awareness

Did you know videos are shared 12 times more than images and texts? People are far more willing to share engaging content with friends, family, and co-workers, meaning they spread your message quickly and widely. So, if you’re trying to build stronger brand awareness for your company, video content can expand your outreach much faster than other marketing methods. 

Get Better SEO

While video content on your site is valuable, you should also publish it to other sites like YouTube and Vimeo. This way, when users search for content, your clips will appear in search results. There are several ways to optimize your video content, including:

  • Keyword-Friendly Titles – While you don’t want to overload the title with too many words, you can highlight top-ranking keywords, so the video pops up immediately. 
  • Closed Captioning – Captions are essential because many users don’t watch videos with the sound on. Also, by saying keywords in the captions, search engines know the content relates to specific queries. 
  • Video Description – You can include links and keywords in your video description, making it more likely to rank higher in search results. 

Also, keep in mind that YouTube is another search engine, just like Google. So, you can capture traffic from both sites and get more people to your website overall. 

Entertain Your Audience

Corporate video production doesn’t work if your clips are as dry as the Sahara Desert. The goal is to be entertaining and informative, so people are likelier to keep watching. While entertainment value is hard to quantify, the basic premise is that you want to be relatively casual and clever with your content. Depending on the types of videos you produce, you can aim for pure comedy or content with some comic relief. Typically, it’s better to avoid other genres like horror or drama since they’re harder to convey appropriately, especially for branded content. 

Expand Your Marketing Potential

Digital marketing is crucial for building a stronger bottom line and expanding your customer base. Video marketing is a substantial component of your overall strategy since you can incorporate clips into other channels like: 

  • Email Marketing – Embed video clips or links into emails so users are more likely to open and read your messages. 
  • Social Media Marketing – Social channels were made for sharing video content, and sites are going all-in on this trend. 
  • Inbound Marketing – By creating high-quality videos that users want to see, you can drive more traffic to your site, making it easier to find and convert leads. 

Help Convert Leads to Customers

Lead generation is an essential part of building a stronger bottom line. Fortunately, video content can help with every step of the sales funnel. Here are some specific examples: 

  • Brand Awareness – You can show a sales video that works as a trailer for your company. This clip will entice a lead to learn more about what you offer. 
  • Product Videos – Demonstrations and tutorials allow you to train users before they purchase your product. You can also show off these items in action. 
  • Personalized Videos – Say thanks to new customers with a customized video that appeals to their interests. That kind of personal touch will build stronger loyalty. 

Get Your Corporate Videos From People First Media

Now that you know the value of corporate video production, let our team help you create high-quality clips! Call us today at 305-409-0009 to get started. 

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