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Video production basics: all about branding videos

Commercials communicate vital details to prospective customers and help fuel sales, but that’s not the only way to use them.

Commercials are also the ideal platform for branding, where you’ll communicate personal details about the company, share your mission, and create a positive imprint on viewers.

Let’s explore how branding videos from a corporate video production company help your company create something valuable for viewers and your company’s connection to your community and customers.

Why is a Branding Video Important for Your Business?

One of the critical elements of a good branding video is that it improves a company’s personal connection to its customers or clients, whether the company is the new kid on the block or a veteran player. Consider the following benefits for new and experienced businesses.

New businesses must put branding ahead of just about everything when it comes to communicating with customers. Corporate branding videos help businesses create personal connections with prospective customers in a world where a customer’s trust is invaluable.

Whether the industry is packed with heavy-hitting companies or is an entirely new arena, start-ups have one chance to connect with customers and create something more meaningful than a standard sales pitch.

Established businesses have a difficult job creating something fresh and exciting from what might be a very old or established brand. A branding video from a corporate video production company can remind everyone why your company excels with every product sold or service rendered.

Established companies may also consider a branding video as a re-branding of the business, with a new logo, catchphrase, or details about the company’s latest products.

Company expansions that include new locations or products benefit significantly from branding videos. 

These videos help convey the excitement of a growing company and inform customers about new areas, locations, or products available to explore.

Musical groups may routinely deliver fresh content to their fans, but what about the behind-the-scenes story? A branding video helps connect existing fans and new listeners to the band in a way that goes further than musical lyrics.

Branding videos for bands also represent an excellent way to connect with prospective agents, record companies, and management companies.

Religious and other organizations may find it valuable to create a branding video, especially when introducing the organization to the public. 

What is the persona of the church? What happens behind the scenes? How is the organization trying to connect with new members? Branding videos help showcase everything you want to say about your organization without the salesy tone.

Making a Branding Video

Successful company branding videos help your business connect with customers and build loyalty to your unique brand, even when the marketplace is crowded with imitators. Branding helps your customers feel positive about your company, so your future sales pitches will find their mark.

Branding videos produced by a corporate video production company are much like a documentary in that you may use physical details of your company – its production facilities, factory, or brick & mortar presence, for example – to help tell the story behind the products you sell or the services you provide. You may also consider interviews, reporting from live events, and glimpses of your everyday work.

A corporate video production company will create your branding video in three phases:

1. Pre-production. Pre-production is the planning phase where you will establish the focus and feel of the video. This phase includes scriptwriting, casting, and choosing the location.

2. Production. Production is the phase where shooting commences. You might film at your company’s physical location, at a live event, or in the facilities where you manufacture your products.

3. Post-production. Your production company will edit and compose the footage. They might add a musical score and will add titles and special effects.

For your next commercial, consider a branding video produced by People First Media, created with the professionalism and skill your company deserves.

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