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7 Video Script Techniques that Attract Real Paying Customers

It’s no secret that video content is a dominating force in the world of digital marketing. Over half of all businesses (54 percent) use video content on their home page, and in 2023, up to 82 percent of all web traffic will be video related. 

Although there’s a lot of demand for video content, there’s also a lot of competition. So, when developing pieces for your business, you need to know how to stand out and get noticed. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of seven video script techniques to attract paying customers. Before you shoot anything, master these elements. 

1. Keep it Simple

Although everyone loves watching video content, it’s hard to keep their attention if there are too many elements happening in one piece. So, you want to keep it short and focus on the primary objective. 

It’s also good to front load a quick synopsis of what the video is about, so viewers don’t have to wait to know whether they want to keep watching or not. Overall, stick to one topic per video, although you can do deep-dive content if you have enough material to cover. 

2. Grab Them With a Hook

Whether your video is 30 seconds or 15 minutes, you have to answer this question within the first eight seconds – why should I watch? This answer has to be captivating, especially if you’re new to content production and don’t have a built-in audience yet. Some examples of good hooks can include: 

  • Asking a Question
  • Answering a Frequently Asked Question
  • Addressing a Pain Point
  • Interesting Fact or Tidbit
  • Insightful or Authoritative Commentary

There are no official rules for writing a good hook, but it should be captivating enough to keep someone watching until the end of the video. 

3. Address Your Audience

While you could start a video with a harrowing action scene, that won’t be much good if you’re trying to sell a vacuum cleaner. Instead, you need to make sure your content (including the hook) speaks to your target demographic. Fortunately, the more you understand your audience, the easier it is to produce engaging videos for them. 

For example, if you are trying to sell a vacuum cleaner, you could start with a pain point (are you tired of vacuums that leave dirt?) and then illustrate what makes your product better. Or, you can show a before and after montage so viewers can see how well the vacuum works. 

4. Write As People Speak

Technical jargon and complicated speech patterns are kryptonite for video content. While you don’t want to talk down to your audience, the script should flow and feel somewhat conversational. For example, don’t be afraid to use euphemisms and other turns of phrase, as long as you don’t overdo them or use incorrect phrases that don’t fit the context. 

5. Make Your Company Personable

These days, customer loyalty is stronger than ever, but only for companies that provide an authentic user experience. If your videos look too much like ads or infomercials, viewers will likely stop watching and switch to something more entertaining. Authenticity means that you believe in your content and why it’s valuable for your audience. 

Also, try to avoid being too hip or trendy, as viewers can see through that immediately. Instead, try to find creative ways to deliver your message without seeming too “salesy.” 

6. Stay Focused

As we mentioned, each video should be centered around a specific objective, which will act as your true north. Provide a quick synopsis of the video upfront, and make sure you don’t add any filler material to pad the runtime. If you only need 45 seconds to make your pitch, there’s no reason to extend it to 60. Conversely, if you need 60 seconds, don’t feel too much pressure to cut it to 45 as long as there’s enough material. 

7. Don’t Forget the Call to Action

Every video should have a call-to-action (CTA). Ideally, you can have it at the beginning of the video and again at the end to drive the point home. Some examples of CTAs for video content can include: 

  • Like and Subscribe – This helps build an audience of viewers who’ll get notified when you post a new video. 
  • Submit Contact Info – Here, you can cultivate an email marketing list and follow up with viewers who submit their information. 
  • Visit a Landing Page – The page could be selling a product or providing more details about your business. 
  • Contact Us – In this case, you’d provide your contact information so viewers can call, email, or instant message to find out more details. 

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