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Why Storyboarding is Crucial for Your Video Content

When producing video content for your business, every step of preparation is crucial for success. The pre-production process allows you to get all of your ideas fleshed out so you can shoot and edit the final piece quickly and easily. One essential element of pre-production that often gets overlooked is storyboarding. 

Virtually all films use storyboards to create a visual run-through of the final product, and this step is just as important for smaller, business-centric productions too. So, let’s look at storyboarding and why you should incorporate it into your video production strategy. 

What is a Storyboard?

A storyboard is a collection of images (typically 2D) that shows visual elements that will appear in your video. Storyboards can be hand-drawn, or they can use various elements like photographs, clippings, or other media. The purpose of a storyboard is to show what different parts of your video will look like, so you can plan accordingly when it comes time to shoot. 

The general rule for a storyboard is that you need a frame for every action that happens on screen. However, this is not a strict rule, and you have some flexibility regarding how many pieces you use for the final storyboard. 

Why is Storyboarding Essential?

There are a few reasons to put your ideas into a storyboard: 

  • Helps Organize Your Thoughts – Sometimes, you may have flashes of scenes or moments in your head, but not a cohesive idea. With a storyboard, you can start with those elements and figure out how to organize them in a specific order (i.e., chronologically). Then, you can fill in the gaps later. 
  • Helps Your Production Team – Whether you use sketches, photos, or graphics for your storyboard, you can create a visual layout for the production team to mimic. While you might not be able to copy the storyboard directly, it provides insight into what you’re trying to capture on screen. This way, the production team has a better idea of how to stage shots. 
  • Gets Everyone on the Same Page – Turning your idea into a video is hard work, especially if everyone has different visions of how it should look. A storyboard ensures everyone can agree on the visual elements, making it easier to align each team or department with the final product. Overall, if you can all agree on how the storyboard looks, it’ll be much smoother to produce your content. 

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