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5 Ways You Can Improve Your Company YouTube Channel

These days, video marketing has become a cornerstone of any brand’s promotional strategy. Over 90 percent of marketers say that video content delivers a positive ROI, and consumers are watching more videos than ever before. Even better, video content can convert leads to customers faster and more reliably than other marketing channels. 

YouTube still reigns supreme as the primary video content platform, but many businesses struggle to maintain a high-quality channel that gets enough views. Fortunately, you can be proactive and make your brand stand out. Here are five ways you can improve your company’s YouTube channel. 

Optimize Everything

Since YouTube is owned by Google, it makes sense that the platform works the same as a search engine. Users type in the content they want to see, and relevant videos pop up in the results. So, just as you should be optimizing your landing pages and website to get more leads, you also have to do the same with your video content. You should be optimizing: 

  • Title
  • Video Description
  • Closed Captioning

Adding a transcript to your video can help YouTube understand its relevancy, and you can sprinkle keywords throughout the piece to make it show up higher in results. 

Make Informative Videos

One of the best types of video content you can do is an explainer video. Consumers are watching these types of clips regularly to help them understand more about a product or company. In many cases, those viewers convert into customers as a direct result of the video. 

Just as your blog posts should be informative and authoritative, you need to utilize high-quality video production methods to generate valuable content for your audience. Also, keep your audience’s perspective in mind as you develop these videos, so they’re as relevant to the viewer as possible. 

Engage With Your Viewers

Engagement is a fundamental part of sharing content online, whether you’re posting on YouTube or social media. You can incorporate engagement tactics within the video itself by asking questions, or you can post a pinned comment asking for the viewer’s thoughts. Then, as people comment on the video, be active within the comment section by liking posts and replying to questions. 

Maintain a Consistent Posting Schedule

Content marketing only works when you’re able to produce new content regularly. While you might not be able to post a new video every week, you should have a set posting schedule so you can maintain momentum. At first, you might post once a month, then twice a month, and then once a week. This way, your audience can know when to expect a new clip, and you can promote your videos across all channels regularly. 

Grab Attention With Better Titles and Thumbnails

YouTube’s algorithm works a bit differently than Google’s because it focuses on showing content similar to what a user is already watching. The goal is to keep people on YouTube for as long as possible without requiring viewers to search for new material. So, it’s possible that your content can show up in a user’s feed without them searching for your brand. 

Having a captivating title and thumbnail image often generates more interest because people are more willing to click on the video. So, you should pay attention to which titles get the most engagement and invest more time in creating thumbnails that make the video look more enticing. 

Get Professional Video Production With People First Media

Video production can be hard to manage when you have a business to run. Fortunately, People First Media can handle all the technical details so you can focus more on serving your customers. We can help you develop, shoot, and produce video content, and we’re experienced in many different industries. Contact us today to learn more. 

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