Video Production 101: What is Set Dressing?

Video production 101: what is set dressing?

What separates a mediocre video from a high-quality one? The answer isn’t just one thing – it’s a combination of factors, including the script, the acting, and the visual elements. But, when it comes to visuals, each piece matters, including effects, props, costuming, and set dressing. Today, we’re going to focus on that last part and why it can improve your video content. 

What is Set Dressing?

Set dressing refers to the scenery within your video content. Elements of set dressing can include wall colors, furniture, decor, and various props that may be present in the scene. 

Speaking of props, they’re different from set dressing because they’re items that an actor or presenter interacts with during the video. So, while a drape may be part of the set dressing, a glass of water may be a prop, even if it sits in the background of a video. 

Why Does Set Dressing Matter? 

Imagine watching two videos – one that just has a blank wall behind the speaker and another that has a dynamic background with decor and colorful items. Which video would be more engaging and fun to watch? Set dressing matters because it allows you to make your video content more appealing to your audience. 

While set dressing won’t necessarily make or break your content, it’s much better to pay attention to it than to ignore it. Also, consider whether your competitors are using set dressing to their advantage or not. 

Elements to Consider When Using Set Dressing

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to incorporate set dressing into your video production, especially if you use a content production team like People First Media. Here are some factors to consider when dressing your sets for different videos. 

  • Tone of the Video – If you’re making an explainer video, it usually makes sense to have a neutral background so you can superimpose various visuals on screen. By comparison, if you’re creating a scripted video with multiple locations, you want each background to make sense within the scene. 
  • Movement of the Actors – Ideally, your set dressing will look impressive from any angle, no matter what’s happening within the scene. For example, if an actor or presenter moves throughout the space, will anything in the background be distracting or make the video look too cluttered? 
  • Hidden Details – These days, it’s easy to spot small details in the background of any video. So, you want to avoid potential issues by removing any sensitive or personal information, even if it seems too small to notice. Alternatively, you can also incorporate “easter eggs” to reward eagle-eyed viewers and make your content more engaging. 

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